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The mission to kill broadcast television stations

Written by Warren Kelly | Published in
First published: 01-05-2014
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Create DateJuly 7, 2014
Last UpdatedMay 22, 2015

Cable and satellite TV distributors (MVPDs) have secretly declared a regulatory war on TV stations. MVPDs have marched into battles over the obscure regulatory territories of 'retransmission consent', 'compulsory copyright licenses, 'broadcast exclusivity agreements, and basic tier' using a free market flag as their standard.

But that flag is merely a cynical smoke screen for their real mission: To kill broadcast television stations altogether.

It is no coincidence that the 'reforms' MVPDs seek are entirely one-sided. MVPDs want to repeal regulations that make free over-the-air television possible without repealing regulations that require TV stations to provide local programming to consumers for free.

Eliminating only the regulations that benefit broadcasters while retaining their regulatory burdens is not a free market approach — it is a video marketplace firing squad aimed squarely at the heart of broadcast television.

If policymakers intend to kill TV stations, they should not attribute the resulting execution to the 'friendly fire' of unintended consequences, a point discussed in detail in this broadcast whitepaper.

The Mission to Kill Broadcast Television Stations

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