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An Overview of Digital Rights Management for System-on-Chip Architects

Elliptic Technologies
First published: 17-10-2014
Size340.90 KB
Create DateOctober 17, 2014
Last UpdatedApril 16, 2015

Artists and studio understand the power of digital distribution of content with the dramatic success of personal entertainment devices such as the Apple iPOD. Anxious to embrace this revolutionary and highly effective channel, content owners and service providers are embracing digital distribution using a wide variety of digital rights management (DRM)technologies such as Apple’s proprietary iTunes technology, Windows Microsoft DRM, the OpenMobile Alliance (OMA) standard or the Digital Transmission Licensing Authority DTCP standard.

This wide variety of designs has made it challenging for IC designers. Indeed the correct solution to this challenge is a multi-DRM design implementation that spans as many DRM schemes as possible to ensure that each new cell phone or set-top box chip can access as broad a range of content as possible.

This white paper written by Elliptic Technologies  discusses the issues faced by SoC architects responding to this challenge.

An Overview of Digital Rights Management for System-on-Chip Architects