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It’s a streaming world after all

Written by Warren Kelly | Published in
First published: 09-12-2015
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Create DateDecember 9, 2015
Last UpdatedDecember 9, 2015
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On 25th October, Yahoo and NFL created history when they live streamed the first ever regular season NFL to be aired online around the world (not counting the pirated ones). Yahoo reportedly spent upwards of $20 million on the rights and could then enjoy exclusive ad rights for the game, too. The game was watched by a reported 15 million viewers globally and was streamed to a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. The game was available to viewers in 185 countries in any form they wanted.

The move by the NFL highlights how the trend of meeting audiences on their premises is hitting home to broadcasters, brands and organisations at large. Few have multimillion dollar budgets to spend on licensing, production or distribution, but with live broadcasting online come new opportunities. There are solutions to cater to any budget - from the most basic and low-cost productions and cost-efficient streaming alternatives, all the way to the most sophisticated productions and delivery. What most alternatives have in common is that they are able to reach audiences, especially a younger generation, where they happen to be at that moment.

As streaming live and on-demand video becomes an increasingly important way of reaching audiences, more and better tools to understand the audience are developed. The opportunities to track, measure and analyse user behaviour, patterns and then customise the online viewer experience are more sophisticated and extensive than linear TV has ever been. Being able to customise content, delivery methods, formats and commercial messaging doesn't only mean that the viewer gets a better experience, but also means that the sender is able to collect valuable data to constantly improve their efforts and, maybe more importantly, monetise the audience in a brand new way compared to when all viewers are treated in the same way.

Its happening in Europe, too. The BBC recently announced that Sir Elton John's summer performance from Cornwall’s Eden Project will be made available on its iPlayer streaming service. It's becoming the norm - BBC Music is responsible for a number of exclusive iPlayer commissions in recent times, such as Music Box with Guy Garvey, live music series All Shook Up and Amy Winehouse In Her Own Words. However, the names and the events are getting bigger all the time.

Many broadcasters already offers a live stream through its apps and it's only a matter of time until we’re no longer able to recall a world without live streaming content, always available at our fingertips. The reason we formed Bambuser was so that anyone become could become a “broadcaster”. Even with very limited resources, anyone could stream live video to people all over the world. You can start with a budget of zero dollars and then grow with your needs.

The wide range of services available means that whether you’re a local non-profit organization that needs to communicate with your audience through video, or a global brand - like Red Bull streaming its Neopop event - there’s a solution for you.

Live streaming introduces us to a flood of video content and a never-ending stream of events craving our attention. Curation and deciding what's worth paying attention to will be a great challenge. The opportunities with instant access to live content from every corner of the globe are endless and new interactive video formats allow the audience to participate in the content creation process and engage better with content.

by Jonas Vig, founder, Bambuser

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