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IP video – The big picture

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Written by Warren Kelly | Published in
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First published: 10-11-2014
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Create DateNovember 10, 2014
Last UpdatedJune 2, 2015

The onward march of residential IP video services has been one of the big industry stories of the last few years. Originally implemented as a way for telecom operators to launch pay-TV services targeted at set-top boxes (primarily seen as a defensive move to counter the entry of cable into the fixed broadband and telecom business), interest in IP video in recent years has been boosted hugely by the proliferation of devices capable of playing back video content and by improvements in fixed and mobile bandwidth.

These developments have led existing non-IP-based video service providers, including both cable and satellite TV providers, as well as public and commercial broadcasters and other content providers, to develop and implement IP video services, either to complement existing pay- and free TV services by delivering ‘anytime’ on-demand and ‘anywhere’ multi-screen, multi-device offerings, or to extend their base by appealing to new user segments.

They have been joined by a new set of over-the-top TV aggregators that seek to deliver paid for or advertising supported offerings without the need to make heavy infrastructure investments of their own. However, while a variety of use cases and business models have been discussed, the business goals and monetisation strategies of the majority of players remains to some extent unclear.

IP Video – The Big Picture

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