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HDTV Lens Design: Broadcast Studio Zoom Lens

Written by Warren Kelly | Published in
First published: 01-01-2005
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Create DateAugust 6, 2014
Last UpdatedSeptember 30, 2015

The broadcast studio lens – long considered the “flagship” of high performance lens – will constitute this initial discussion.

The HD studio lens will be scrutinized in some detail from two aspects: first, to illustrate the highly exacting science of contemporary high definition lens design, and second, to form the basis for the later discourse on some of the other key production lens categories.

The modern high-end studio lens is a marvel of optical science.

In the case of high definition (HD) lenses it is a technological triumph.

The lens designer must cope with an enormous number of variables in maximizing all of the important attributes that collectively contribute to the high imaging performance of the lens and—ultimately—to the final picture made by the HDTV camera with which it will be used.

These picture attributes were described in our first paper in this series: sensitivity, contrast, colour reproduction, and picture sharpness.

Lens designers also face an unceasing struggle to minimize a variety of picture impairments that are a consequence of the nature and limitations of optical physics.

They must control multiple optical aberrations that are inherent in any complex real-world lens system.

This broadcast whitepaper  will begin an examination of the requirements and expectations for a series of distinct categories of high definition lenses presently used within the larger broadcast and production industries.

HDTV Lens Design: Broadcast Studio Zoom Lens

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