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Adapting ABR in High-Volume Content Preparation Workflows

Written by Warren Kelly | Published in
First published: 01-06-2014
Size865.31 KB
Create DateNovember 5, 2014
Last UpdatedApril 27, 2015

As with most new technologies, ABR streaming is a double-edged sword. Its benefits to end-users are obvious, but it brings with it some significant challenges for content owners and others who prepare media for distribution. Unless addressed carefully, those challenges can easily push content preparation infrastructure past its sweet spot, introducing inefficiencies that steeply increase labour requirements and processing time.

This white paper provides an overview of how ABR files differ from conventional streaming files, the implications of those differences for conventional media preparation processes, and how those processes may be successfully adapted to create highly-efficient, cost-effective ABR workflows.

Adapting ABR in High-Volume Content Preparation Workflows