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Everything moves in a hospital

Written by Warren Kelly | Published in
First published: 10-09-2014
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Create DateSeptember 10, 2014
Last UpdatedMay 12, 2015

Healthcare IT (HIT) and particularly mobile HIT is sometimes the centerpiece of this discussion and is constantly mooted as a potential saviour to healthcare reform by providing efficiency gains and quality of care improvements through the increased use of IT.

“Fit for purpose” devices that help transform the jobs of mobile field workers trying to access data in challenging environments have existed in the market for many years. But what exactly makes a device “fit for purpose” in a healthcare setting?

This white paper first outlines that in hospitals everything moves or is mobile. People move from place to place, medical assets (scopes, pumps, bloods....) are constantly moving, records and data move across systems all in the support of the ultimate aim of the organisation to provide quality care to the citizen.

It then looks to identify the specific characteristics of a HIT “fit for purpose” mobile device and how they should differ from the latest consumer products to be a useful tool in the healthcare workplace.

Everything Moves in a Hospital

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