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Xytech Systems

Xytech Systems was originally incorporated as “Xymox Systems, Inc.” In 1998, the company changed its name to “Xytech Systems Corporation” after acquiring Gentech Systems Corporation.

In 1988, the company introduced its Myriad software system, the first fully integrated facilities management system specifically designed to help manage the business operations of production, postproduction, and broadcast companies.

The company initiated development of a new client/server version of the product in 1997 called “Xytech Enterprise.”

In 2009, after extensive research and development and in close partnership with clients and industry thought leaders, Xytech launched its next-generation software platform: MediaPulse™.

MediaPulse is a revolutionary application suite for asset and resource-based media workflows. Our next-generation platform leverages Xytech’s 25 years of experience in providing proven business workflow solutions to the broadcast, media and entertainment industries.

MediaPulse was developed using the latest technology benefits of the .NET framework, Web Service APIs, Smart Client, and HTML5 compliant user interfaces.

Specifically created to improve, streamline, and automate media operations, MediaPulse provides a robust, end-to-end solution, extending from initial request through delivery, distribution and billing.