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Root 6 Technology

ROOT6 Technology was established by industry professionals in 1997 at the heart of London’s post production and new media communities in Soho.

Over the years, the company has employed its skills in application development, relational database design and IP network engineering on a number of collaborative projects to deliver innovative products and services to the postproduction and broadcast sectors.

These include the development of a set top box for BEAM.TV, a leading archiving and distribution company with more than half a million assets in its online library.

The system was widely adopted by the advertising industry for screening file-based material at major international festivals.

Subsequently the company worked with ChilliBean, creating a tapeless submissions and judging system for the D&D Global Awards.

The close association with the media industry lead to the development of ContentAgent, the automated file-based management system, and the feature set incorporates considerable feedback from media professionals working in file-based facilities on a daily basis.

In such mission critical environments, high quality technical support is essential and ContentAgent’s success has in no small part been due to this provision.