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NHK STRL Research

We held public viewings of the 2012 London Olympics in Super Hi-Vision.

The viewings were conducted in cooperation with the BBC in the U.K. and Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS).

Preparations and production were carried out according to the production system agreed upon by the broadcasters in FY2011.

Production tasks were done at the Olympic venues in London, and editing and transmission tasks were done at BBC studios. Public viewings were held at nine locations in the U.K., U.S.A., and Japan.

The NHK Sports Center, News Department and Broadcast Engineering Department handled most of the production and editing tasks, and NHK STRL handled most of the transmission tasks from BBC studios to the viewing venues as well as the screenings at the venues.

A broadcaster in the U.S.A. cooperated with us in transmitting the signals to the venue in that country.