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High Frequency Technology and Radio Systems

The completion of the digitalization process in the broadcasting bands has potential to free up spectrum used by the primary users, named the broadcasting services due to the state-wide aspired implementation of single frequency networks, in which neighbouring digital broadcasting transmitters operate on the same frequency.

Therefore, less frequency resources are used by the primary users than in analog days at the first sight.

By a more detailed inspection of the usage of the broadcasting spectrum, secondary services like Professional Wireless Microphone Systems (PWMS) are also in demand of the broadcasting spectrum.

Unlike broadcasting transmitters, a typical PWMS is not turned on permanently and operates with a significant lower power.

Temporary active low power devices like PWMS are much more difficult to detect and their absolute amount is almost unknown.

Plenty of PWMS are funded by public authorities and their users are not able to interchange their working conditions immediately.

Additionally, there is a current lack of alternative technologies to today’s PWMS.

Only few manufacturers have an alternative PWMS approach on the market, whose capabilities are not proved in practice.