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We believe that everybody has the right to privacy. We believe it’s not a privilege. We believe it’s a human right. Our mission is to fight for digital freedom.

The essence of our mission is reliability, integrity and transparency. We actively promote these attributes and work together on them in co-operation with authorities and industry organizations as well as national and international bodies supporting the security of the public. We carry a strong ethical element with us in everything we do.

We share our expertise publicly with authorities as well as the public with the aim of unrooting online crime. Our product portfolio, and the work we daily do to ensure our customers privacy and safety, is beneficial for the society throughout. Other activities around our social responsibility is a.o. our threat monitoring and reporting we do constantly. We research and innovate within the field of privacy, launching new products continuously. Our knowledge serves stakeholders globally.

We offer education for media, schools, universities and parents and create public awareness around privacy issues bringing the knowledge we have for anybody’s use.

F-Secure is also committed to good corporate citizenship. This includes the role played by the company in supporting the health and welfare of its workforce, the wider society and the environment.