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BlueTooth SIG

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A lot’s happened to our world in 15 years; some tragic, some exciting and some changing the face of history.

In the world of technology, we’ve seen Google, Hotmail, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter introduced; MP3 players, iTunes, iPod, iPhone and iPad brought to the market; the bubble blew up and burst, blew up and burst again; online banking, digital cameras, interactive video games, digital movies, laptops, big screen TVs, giant screen TVs, TVs with Internet; and Bluetooth® wireless technology was along for the ride.

Our worlds changed significantly as technology allowed objects to get smaller and become mobile. Since the official adoption of the Bluetooth name and formation of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group in 1998, Bluetooth technology came a long way.

2012 marked an incredible year for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, Bluetooth wireless technology and Bluetooth SIG members.

The Bluetooth SIG saw tremendous momentum of the Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready brands, an incredible amount of new and interesting devices supporting Bluetooth Smart and changes within the SIG to provide a better experience for members.

Bluetooth enabled devices were everywhere in 2012—more than 2 billion Bluetooth devices shipped with more than 77 million of those being Bluetooth Smart. Bluetooth Smart opened up many new verticals including sports and fitness, health and wellness, smart home and the beginning of machine-to-machine. In 2013 and beyond, the SIG will continue to see everyday items connect to the Internet and a broader world of the Internet of Things.