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Bluefish444 Europe Ltd

Bluefish444 is an innovative developer, manufacturer and marketer of uncompressed SDI video I/O cards for use within the professional video, broadcast and post production industries. Founded in 1998, Bluefish444 manufactures 12bit video cards delivering SD, HD and 2K based solutions to developers, broadcasters and creative content professionals, with an installed base of over 14,000 customers worldwide.

Bluefish444 has developed an enviable reputation as being the “Professionals’ Choice” in uncompressed video, developing unparalleled video quality in the industry. The quality of the Bluefish444 products is attested to by some of the most influential industry participants such as Sony PCL, NBC, FIFA and NASA, where our cards are being used in ‘mission critical’ environments requiring broadcast IT solutions to work 24/7 flawlessly.

In 2003 Bluefish444 introduced Symmetry, our own proprietary Acquisition, Review and Playout application to much acclaim. Symmetry is an integrated software solution for all Bluefish444 capture cards and its feature set is constantly being updated. Symmetry’s support of native 10 bit formats such as DPX, Cineon, Quicktime, AVI, Targa and its easy integration into any 4:4:4 workflow have made it an indispensable tool for Graphics and Digital Intermediate (DI) professionals.